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Collect Video Reviews For Clients & Get Paid

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This is really starting to become the ‘low cost, low work, high potential-business in a box’ it was meant to be. I like how your focus is to make things as easy and frictionless as possible for everyone.

Félix Bernard, Agency Owner

Imagine you’re a customer…
looking to take up yoga… 

You go to Google and type in “Yoga Miami” and click on the first website. It looks good.

But do you book right away? No.

You go to the second website, and it looks nice, but looks similar to the first one.

Do you book this one? No.

You decide to give the 3rd one a try,

just to see if it’s any better.

You click on the site, it looks nice… and you notice a tab that says “Reviews ” at the top.

You click on it and you see:

500+ people yelling to the world how “YogaWorld” is hands down the best yoga studio in Miami.

Which yoga studio are you going to?

This is a real life example of why your clients
NEED video reviews.


TrustScout makes it frictionless
to manage your clients

Automated Client Onboarding.

After you set the price you will charge, simply share the link provided, and let TrustScout handle the rest. Your clients will be onboarded in a matter of minutes and the invoice will automatically populate from there on out. Easy Peasy.

Get Paid Each Month.

Say goodbye to the stress and hassle of chasing down clients for money. Our system automatically invoices clients and collects payment so you don’t have to.

Super Admin Dashboard.

Accessing client accounts has never been simpler. With one click you can view the client’s details and make necessary edits at any time. .

We Support You
Every Step Of The Way. 

Real Support From Real People.

Our software may be automated but our customer support isn’t. If you ever need help, reach out to support. We’ll direct our full attention to resolving your issue.

Complete Up-To-Date Documentation.

We provide our users with full FAQ’s and step-by-step documentation to get you the information you need as quickly as possible.

A Community Like No Other

We take great pride in our community and the agencies going out and landing clients each and every single day. Have a question? Just reach out for community support based on real-life experiences.

Fast & Reliable Responses.

We strive to maintain a response time of 30 minutes or less for any general issue or question posed to us during working hours.

Join Dozens Of Agencies Using
TrustScout As Their Primary Business Offering.