Our mission is to create a simple way for agencies to collect video testimonials for businesses, or for small business owners.

Back Story.

Two of the founders of TrustScout ran an agency before they started creating TrustScout. As they tested different types of sales processes for their clients they noticed that video testimonials were converting significantly better than written testimonials for one of their clients.

They started collecting more video testimonials manually and found similar results with other clients and funnels.

Video testimonials produced more sales and better conversions, while also creating a valuable asset for clients.

After doing the work of collecting testimonials manually, they realized they could build a software to automate the process.

Around the same time a former client, friend, and accomplished developer was looking for a new project. Instead of taking the offers she had from Google and other big tech companies, we joined forces to build TrustScout.

She soon had TrustScout up and running. Shortly thereafter we started allowing other agencies to try TrustScout.

As we started allowing agencies to try out the software, the word got out. We’d found a need businesses have, and an automated way to meet it for agencies in a wide-open market.

Within the first three months we 90 confirmed case studies from successful agencies users who were working with clients and getting results for them as well. And we’ve been growing fast ever since.

Our Beliefs.

Keeping the business simple, period.

As Agency Owners ourselves, we understand how important time is. Once you hit that 3, 4, 5, client mark you’re surrounded by work. It becomes hard to get everything done and still grow your business. With TrustScout we created a process that is a seamless as possible to ensure it took minimal time from our team.


Most small business owners aren’t tech savvy, so we created a solution that is simple and easy for anyone to understand and use, this allows you to get setup and start collecting video testimonials within minutes, as opposed to, days, weeks, or longer.

Community Makes You Strong.

TrustScout is now developed with the input of our user community. The ideas and requests from these Agency Owners help us improve the software over time. We view the community as one big family who are working on the same goal and have the same mission: to help bring video testimonials to local businesses around the world.


Our Team.

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