Refund Policy

Last updated August 12, 2020

TrustScout LLC offers multiple packages made up of software, features, live training, and course content each of which have their own refund policies.

Some purchases (such as our live trainings) come with a NO REFUND due to the investment required for delivery by our team.  Other products carry a money back guarantee.

Any product sold by or on behalf of TrustScout LLC will have the refund policy clearly presented along with a link to this page prior to purchasing. All order forms and checkout forms will also clearly indicate our refund policies and link to this page here for further reference.

Below are listed the current offerings from TrustScout LLC along with their respective refund period:


  • Rapid Build: As stated on the webinar, if you follow our system and take action and can’t generate at least $2,500 in deals in a short time frame we will either give you 90 days of hands guidance to help you generate $10,000 (whichever is less) or our company will promote your business until you gross $2500 in sales.

    In order to verify your efforts in putting our program into effect you must complete the following:
    • Schedule and attend your Personal 1-on-1 call within 5 days or purchase.
    • Complete the 30-in-30 challenge by collecting 30 testimonials in your first 30 days.
    • Attend every session of the three day intensive and take part in the presentations via chat and giving your undivided attention.
    • Run TrustScout testimonials to 1000+  leads via retargeting
    • Spend $1000 driving qualified leads through your TrustFunnel
    • Engage in conversations with 100 people in your network about your service and sent them a link to your TrustFunnel.
    • Choose a traffic method that we recommend and work that method every day for 30 days.

All refund requests will be honored based on the date that they are submitted via email to

If you have any questions about refunds or the refund policy, please reach out to before you contact any other parties.