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Simple & Straightforward Pricing

We charge $40 per video. You can mark them up as much as you want.



Our pricing is as simple as our product. Everything you need, for a price that’s built to scale.


Super Admin Dashboard


Manage Sub-Accounts


Collect Via Share Link


Collect Via QR Code


Automated Invoicing


Rockstar Support


Full Walkthrough Documentation

3 sub-accounts included.

Just $10/month per client thereafter.

All Features

What Are Clients Paying For Video Testimonials?

The price depends on the niche. Once you create an account, we’ll show you a detailed breakdown of what different industries are paying right now. The averages range from $35 – $75.

Can I WhiteLabel The Software?

After you create an account, and select your video credits, you will have the ability to WhiteLabel your account.

Is There Any Territory Restrictions?

Nope. You’re just not allowed to sell on discounted software websites like AppSumo, JVzoo, ProductHunt, ClickBank, etc. Doing this will get your account terminated.

What Is A "Sub-Account"?

If you’re an agency, this refrences each client.

If you’re a franchise, this refrences each franchisee. 

If you’re a store with 100 locations, this refrences each location.

Do You Provide Sales & Marketing Material?

Yes. We want you to crush it! We win, when you win!

Can Someone Help Me Get Fully Onboarded?

Yes – after you select your video credits, you will get an email inviting you to an onboarding call. Look forward to talking with you 🙂

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The easiest way to collect video reviews for clients & get paid.